Design / Development

Project Overview

Agency: Nine10 / imageDESIGN

The Resource Centre for Suicide Prevention came to us in need of a redesign. Looking to include booking features, informative pages & resources, and ability to donate. They wanted a website that would be an easily accessible and welcoming resource for those in need of mental health support. To achieve this goal, we collaborated closely with the client to create a website that was easy to navigate, visually engaging, and filled with valuable information and resources.

One of the most significant challenges we faced was creating a website that would be accessible and useful to a wide range of users, from those seeking basic information about mental health to those who required more in-depth support and resources. To achieve this, we incorporated a variety of features, such as interactive tools, resource libraries, and easy-to-use contact forms that made it easy for users to find the support they need.

The result was a website that provided users with an empowering online experience. Visitors could easily find the support and resources they needed, with a user-friendly interface that made it easy to navigate the site. The visual design was carefully crafted to reflect the warm and welcoming atmosphere of the organization, with images and graphics that conveyed a sense of safety and support.

Throughout the project, we maintained close communication with the client, ensuring that their vision was being realized every step of the way. The result was a website that accurately reflected the mission and values of the organization while also providing a valuable resource for those in need of mental health support.

The client was thrilled with the outcome, as the new website has become a valuable tool for the organization to connect with those in need and provide them with the support and resources they need to thrive. The increased traffic and engagement from the community have been a testament to the success of the project. Overall, it was a rewarding and fulfilling project to work on.