Design / Development
June 15, 2021
Deliverable - Multi-Page Website
HTML/ CSS/ WordPress/ XD

Project Overview

Agency: Nine10 / imageDESIGN

The Resource Centre for Suicide Prevention came to us in need of a redesign. Looking to include booking features, informative pages & resources, and ability to donate.


  • Donation spotlight
  • Easy accessibility
  • Available programs
  • Booking online


An amazing resource for anyone in the community needing help or looking for help for others. We provided a friendly design, including a slender banner on the home page with a flex card layout for their programs. This allowed for easy and consistent flow and layout throughout the site. Also including the donation button in the navigation gave users a chance to donate without searching for it.


  1. Donate button
  2. Calendar/ Booking integration
  3. flex columns
  4. User friendly