Middle of Everywhere

Design / Development
September 9, 2022
Deliverable - Multi-Page Site
HTML/ CSS/ WordPress/ XD

Project Overview

Agency: Nine10 / imageDESIGN

The County of Grande Prairie's Middle of Everywhere serves as the Economic Development team's resource to showcase innovation, commerce, forestry, Clairmont, energy, and agriculture ventures throughout GP's County. I was tasked with creating a website refresh from what they had currently, establish user goals, and bring a modern take to the site.

Key Focus

  • Modern Design
  • Smooth User Experience
  • Show that the County is thriving and well


After working together with the branding team, I was able to implement many brand elements throughout the design, showcase the different divisions the MOE team focuses on, and create a straight forward user experience. These details were driven by a static Navigation, division breakouts, and contact points throughout.


  1. Modern design was achieved through the grid-like layout, animated elements, and bright engaging colours
  2. Users are now able to have clear direction through the top navigation and important CTA'a
  3. This site screams lively, showcasing new colours, and new brand elements throughout