Creative Direction/ Design/ Development
January 8, 2021
Deliverable - Municipal Multi-Page Site
HTML/ CSS/ WordPress/ XD

Project Overview

Agency: Nine10 / imageDESIGN

Beaverlodge came to us and they had a long overdue website in need. They were looking for something easy to manage, visually appealing, and easy user flow.

Key Focus

  • Easy CMS
  • Visually exciting / appealing
  • Accessibility


From what was once a basic HTML site with redundant and confusing links all over, has turned into a major hub for the community to look to. Users can see upcoming events, community resources, laws, and attractions. Now managed by the Town of Beaverlodge, they are able to fully input any necessary info needed for the community with a fully integrated CMS.


  1. Design refresh, creating that exciting and new look & feel
  2. Custom CMS for any Town of Beaverlodge Member to edit easily
  3. Addressing pain points by creating multiple CTA's and outlining important links & contact info