Tyler Nelson

There is endless potential for great work to be produced
and I want to be there along the way.

"Good design’s not about what medium you’re working in. It’s about thinking hard about what you want to do and what you have to work with before you start.” – Susan Kare

I am from Grande Prairie, Alberta working as a Designer & Developer at imageDESIGN. Having 4 years of expereince with a focus on Web Design & Development. In my spare time I enjoy sports, gaming, and the outdoors. Keeping up to date on the latest trends, I am skilled in Adobe Creative Suite as well as HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and Wordpress.

My Focus



Graphic Design

Design is thinking made visual. I strive to create unique, memorable, and attractive Graphics.

Web Development

Developing sophiticated and completely responsive sites.

Logo Design

A logo can visually describe your business. Make it count!

Web Design

Web design is more than just a pretty site. It's also about how the user will interact with it.

CMS Implementation

Making it easy for clients to add to a website after it's complete.


Establishing a brand can be a powerful thing. Research, Execution, and Presentaion are all key to succeed.


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